Data Analysis

Data Analysis

  • Data Driven Marketing Analytics Services - Using Data to Power Your Brand and Business Growth
  • In today's connected and competitive marketplace, establishing a brand successfully and growing sales consistently and profitably can be a challenge.  Data Analytica Systems unique combination of marketing data analytics and market research expertise generates insights that can enhance brand image and propel sales growth.  Our innovative marketing analytics services like social media analytics and web analytics enable you to understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities and create an effective data-driven marketing strategy.

    Marketing Effectiveness
    • Marketing ROI: Analyse return on investment of marketing spend for more efficient resource allocation
    • Market segmentation: Use rigorous customer segmentation techniques and targeting tools for better brand positioning
    • Marketing campaign effectiveness: Use marketing analytics to measure and optimize campaigns to target the right customers and maximize returns
    Social Media Listening and Monitoring
    • Capture social media data: Identify and extract relevant social media data for business insights
    • Sentiment analysis: Gauge consumer satisfaction and sentiment to improve products or services
    • Social media analytics: Analyse social media conversations and generate consumer insights using tools and techniques like Natural Language Processing and text mining
    Multi-channel Attribution and Modelling
    • Market mix modelling: Optimize spend and estimate the impact of various marketing tactics through multi-channel market mix models
    • Conversion modelling: Build models to identify and convert site visitors into paying customers and improve conversion rates
    • Comparative marketing analytics: Perform comparative analyses of different marketing channels and optimize your marketing budgets
    360-degree Customer View
    • Single unified 360-degree customer view: Establish a single unified customer view that captures key metrics for marketing
    • Customer acquisition: Optimize customer acquisition and retention processes using lead conversion analysis, sales cycle analysis, and tailored, data-driven marketing strategy
    • Customer satisfaction: Promote customer satisfaction by minimizing touchpoints and increase customer lifetime value through advanced psychographic analyses and hyper-personalization

  • Customer Analytics Services - Analytics to Acquire, Engage, and Retain Your Customers
  • As today's consumers have access to information, markets and networks at their fingertips, it is becoming increasingly complex for businesses to gather consumer analytics in order to understand their target market and its ever-evolving purchasing behaviour. By creating sophisticated customer analytics models and developing relevant customer acquisition strategies and customer retention strategies, Data Analytica Systems enables businesses to understand their customers and their requirements, leading to high-value customer retention.

    Understanding the Customer
    • CLTV models: Leverage capabilities in CLTV modelling to predict who your best customers will be and understand who your best customers are, enabling you to unlock the optimal value of your customers
    • Customer migration: Understand customer behaviour over a period and develop a framework to predict future customer behaviour and movement across segments
    Customer Acquisition and Retention Modelling
    • Customer acquisition strategies: From highly customized services to campaigns and promotions, Data Analytica Systems enables businesses to identify what customers are most likely to respond to and develop effective customer acquisition strategy
    • Customer retention strategies / models: Gain deeper understanding of customers to identify and model motives and factors that endear them to your products and services
    Customer Segmentation and Behavioural Analytics
    • Customer segmentation: Analyse and segment customers based on behaviour, preferences, demographics, and purchasing patterns
    • Behavioural analytics: Discover the causes and variables that influence customer behaviour
    Consumer Engagement
    • Hyper-personalization: Devise strategies that help you deliver personalized products and services to your customers
    • Cross-sell and upsell: Generate and implement cross-sell and upsell tactics that deepen consumer engagement, and generate better returns on your marketing investments

  • Sales Analytics - Salesforce Analytics, Sales Forecasting & More - Equip Your Sales Teams to Deliver Growth
  • Even the best products and services need to be sold efficiently and effectively. Our sales analytics services such as Salesforce analytics, sales performance analysis, and sales forecasting help you devise strategies to enhance your sales team's performance.  Data Analytica Systems works with clients to visualize and track all sales activities that lead up to conversions.

    Territory and Salesforce Optimization
    • Salesforce support: Leverage Salesforce to maximize your sales team’s potential.  Adjust efforts and resource allocation based on Salesforce analytics.
    • Territory management: Use data to maximize territory management tactics, while ensuring that teams are deployed efficiently across various geographies Sales Forecasting
    • Forecasts: Generate accurate and insightful forecasts for a range of time horizons based on existing sales data analysis, industry analysis, and economic trends
    • Adjusted sales forecasting: Revise forecasts regularly based on latest developments in the market and equip management teams to enhance performance measurement
    Incentive Planning
    • Incentive structuring: Data-based incentives models that reward the best performing sales team members while promoting team work at the same time
    • Quantitative tracking: Quantitative performance benchmarking that allows data-based incentive models to be applied easily and fairly
    Performance Tracking
    • Sales Performance Analysis: Create dashboards that track and manage the performance of the sales team across sectors and geographies
    • Quantify performance: Link performance appraisals to quantitative metrics, while ensuring that team morale and motivation is maintained at high levels

  • Supply Chain Analytics - Streamline Operations and Strengthen the Supply Chain
  • Distribution is still one of the key drivers of a brand's success. Brands that have created an innovative Go-to-market strategy are the ones that have sustained in the market in times of global economic downturns.  Data Analytica Systems supply chain analytics service helps companies with network analytics solutions to reduce the operations and logistics costs in the long run.  Supply chain management analytics enables to unlock the value of data to optimize forecasting and drive significant profits.  Our supply chain data analytics services assist companies with rich research and analysis of voluminous and unstructured data to derive statistical and quantitative performance indicators.

    Demand Forecasting

    Sizing the demand and determining gaps in supply helps the brand take corrective actions at the right time, to avoid any opportunity losses due to the non-availability of relevant assortment. Our supply chain analytics solutions provide.

    • Need-gap analysis: Identify potential whitespaces in terms of geography, product features, customer demographic groups that need to be focused upon in order to cater to the underleveraged or underserved target audience.
    • Capacity Versus demand analysis: Align the demand to the sources of supply to identify critical gaps with respect to the out-of-stock assortment.
    Inventory Planning

    Arriving at the list of the must-have assortment and determining the sourcing plan for must-stock inventory is a critical requirement for Inventory sourcing teams. As one of the finest supply chain analytics companies, we deliver.

    • Inventory prioritization: Maintain minimum required stock at hand through Data Analytica Systems inventory planner, to minimize overhead costs.
    • Order Fill-rate optimization: Automate order fulfilment process by building machine learning algorithms that track inventory allocation across distribution centres.
    Vendor Management

    Our data analytics services help companies manage performance across supplier and vendor networks to devise effective capacity planning strategies.

    • Service Compliance Trackers: Notify Operations heads and regional sales on red alerts with respect to any SLA compliance, as well as manage vendors basis their KPI achievement scores which can be tracked daily.
    • Single Source of Inventory: Consolidate data across vendors, inventory distribution centres in order to optimize assortment pricing, distributor margins and order fulfilment of low inventory items.
    Network and Capacity Optimization

    As one of the established data analytics companies in the UK, we enable companies to reduce logistics cost with zero or minimal impact on order fill-rate through dynamic journey maps and fleet planning.

    • Journey planners: Google map-based route planning and tracking tool to identify optimize the best route for each order.
    • Inventory pricing models: Determine the market benchmark prices for each assortment item (SKU) for creating effective discounting plans across trade areas and assortment categories.