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“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight” - Carly Fiorina

About Us

  • Data Cleansing / Scrubbing
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Design (Relational & Hierarchal)
  • Responsive Website Design (Mobile Friendly), SEO + Hosting
  • Systems Analysis
  • Windows PC Support
  • Other I.T. Services

Data Analytica Systems uses data science to transform information into insight.  Data science can call electoral races, reveal more about your buying habits than you'd dare tell your mother, and predict just how many years those cheese burgers have been shaving off your life.

It seems that every action we take today is reduced to transactional data.  You brought a bar of soap and bleep, that's a transaction in some database.  You didn't take a credit card offering and bleep that is a transaction in some other database.  It seems so cold and reductionist, but from this data comes insight.  We understand the relationships between customers and organisations, with a depth that was impossible even a decade ago.  So how do we distil that insight from transactional data?  Through data science, it's not magic, it's not even that hard.

Data Analytica Systems applies the techniques of data science, using data that you already have to inform the decisions your business needs to make.  It's not about coding or databases, or reports, it's about analytics.

These analytics designed to empower managers, bi-analysts, marketers and average business folk, so you can understand and use data to enhance what you already do.   So let Data Analytica Systems figure out how to take your business data and transform it from book keeping into better decisions.

Our Values

MISSION: To enrich people's lives with knowledge and services that inform, and educate.

VISION: To be the most creative, informative and client friendly business in the world.


  • Trust is at the foundation of Data Analytica Systems: We are independent, impartial and honest.
  • Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We take pride in delivering quality and value for money.
  • Creativity and hardwork is the lifeblood of our business.
  • We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best.
  • We are one Data Analytica Systems: Great things happen when we work together!


What we offer

Database Design

Good database design is vital for business critical high volume transaction processing.  Our database designs are developed through a process of data structure analysis and normalization.  We focus on the data, not the application, using data models as a foundation for the design.  We design relational or hierarchal databases for servers and mainframe systems.

Data Cleansing / Scrubbing

Normally with the aid of scripting software, we ensure the integrity of your existing data by detecting and correcting (or removing) erroneous or superfluous data.  After data cleansing, the data set will be consistent with other similar data sets in your system.

Data Analysis

Using the most up to date tools ubiquitous with data analysis such as Excel, Power BI, SQL and ‘R’ we create dashboards and data models.  This information can then be used to inform decisions your business needs to make.

Systems Analysis

First we identify your business goals, then review current systems and procedures.  A draft proposal with a list of recommendations is then prepared for review by senior management.  This process will also include how efficiently your website interacts with existing systems.

Responsive Website Design (L.A.M.P)

How does your existing website look on your mobile phone?  We offer bespoke responsive & fast loading website design that can be fully integrated with existing stock and finance systems, Excel, Power BI or other data analysis tools.  Hosting, S.E.O (search engine optimisation) and website analytics (traffic monitoring) also available.

Windows PC Support

Available to companies and home users.  We are able to offer help with initial setup and establishing a secure internet connection.  Fault diagnostics, MS office and some networking issues.  Support contracts may be available in certain instances.  PC repairs are normally not viable – please ask.

Home Tuition

A range of help is available for beginners to more advanced users.  We don’t run formal courses, instead lesson plans are tailored to meet individual needs.  Help is available for Windows, Excel, Word and how to use the Internet.  More advanced help available subject to request.

Other I.T. Services

A range of programming services are available that include, but not limited to, COBOL, Powerbuilder, PHP, Javascript & AJAX.  Some networking services available for individuals or small companies.

Hard Work

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.


What We Create


“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness”

Data Services

Database Design

Data Cleansing

Data Analysis

Systems Analysis



Basic HTML & Server-Sided

Responsive Designs




Training & Support

MS Excel Training

MS Word Training

Help with Internet & email

Windows PC Support



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